Ty Mad, one of the favorite spots of Jean-luc Bannalec and his famous curator Dupin!

Since the beginning of the 20th century, many artists, (Max Jacob, Picasso, Christopher Wood….)

Several writers have frequented Ty Mad.

The sympathetic German novelist, (Jörg Bong) with 6 best sellers, lover and connoisseur of Brittany, also stayed in “the good house”

The splendor of the bay, the mystery of Île Tristan, the extraordinary Île de sein, the landscapes, the culture, the heritage, the people here, their rich history… inspired him! as well as this “je ne sais quoi of the place”

In the book by Jean-Luc Bannalec, released in April 2018 in France, we talk about Ty Mad …

“Jörg Bong aka Jean-Luc Bannalec has returned to Ty Mad.

He brought us his latest novel which will be translated into French in Spring 2019.

More happy moments of reading for his fans…”

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